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Burning an FFA Steer, Creating many a Tear

If you haven’t heard the story visit this link to hear what happened:

It brings tears to my eyes to see that animals are being burned for no reason, but to make some sort of a point of which I cannot make sense. It hurts to know that some kid worked hard with their animal so that they might have a chance to show and then someone has to go and burn it. It is not only that, but pure animal cruelty. Farmers and FFA and 4-H members typically take care of their animals to the point they are considered family. These kinds of people are consistently tending to their livestock and making sure that they are in the best health and environment every day. Many of these kids who have livestock projects, such as this steer, become not only a project but a friend. It hurts to know that a young steer had to suffer this kind of cruelty and pain. It also hurts to know that some kid now has to feel the hurt of not being able to work with their project and possibly not be able to show. I feel for the steer and the trauma he had to endure. There is going to be a long road to recovery.

I don’t believe that setting a steer on fire is a good way to release a message or get revenge. This kind of cruelty is just uncalled for. I have been in the livestock industry since a very young age and so I know how cut throat some people can get when it comes to show time. However, I never believed any of that or drama was worth it. Nobody is perfect we all make our mistakes. Although going about the show industry in a honest manner will get you further along than cheating. Harming someone or someone’s animal is always to an extreme that is simply not needed. There is no since to put anybody through that sort of pain and misery.

I pray that the FFA member and his steer have a safe recovery and they are able to look ahead at brighter things to come down the road.

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A Country Girl’s Passion

I have an extreme passion for livestock and the country way of life. Kickin’ it in the sticks is what I enjoy the most. It is off the beaten path down an old dirt road where I enjoy life. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city streets. It is here that I enjoy working on the farm and watching wildlife. I enjoy seeing the stars above me at night and my sky line contains nothing trees and pastures. Don’t get me wrong, it is not an easy life but it is my life that I love. I enjoy waking up in the morning and watching the sun creep up over the pastures and hay fields and going out to feed and check on the livestock. I like to keep busy and work hard and after a hard day’s work sit and enjoy the peace and serenity found in the country.

Livestock has also always held a special place in my heart from the moment I was born. I enjoy working with them and creating that unbreakable bond and loyalty for one another. I was showing horses by the time I was two. I was never afraid of the massive amount of animal underneath me, because we had that bond and trusted each other. This is the same for when I got into the goats. You learn the animals’ individual personality. I enjoy watching the young livestock grow and eventually prove their full potential. It is one of the most exciting things. It is this kind of passion I have for livestock.

Since I was two I have greatly enjoyed showing livestock at the local to national shows. It is not about the ribbons or the awards to me, it is more about the experience and lessons learned from them. Growing up with livestock I have learned many qualities that can help in any position in life. Livestock can really teach you a lot about life and yourself if you slow down enough to stop and realize it. I have done well in the show ring, but it is the outside work that has taught me the most and the contacts that I have had to opportunity of making.

For those of you that may not understand where I am coming from I encourage you to take a drive to the country. I hope you find the peace that I find while there. There is nothing that can replace the quiet of country field or riding a horse across the land. This is where my heart is.

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