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A Visit with Dairy Carrie

Carrie Mess also known as Dairy Carrie talked to our PR in Ag class. She is a Wisconsin dairy farmer and writes the Dairy Carrie blog, facebook, and twitter. She got started blogging two years ago. Carrie didn’t originally grow up on a farm. She grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. When she went to high school they didn’t have FFA and were just starting a few animal science classes. She took those and viewed herself as more of a horse chick. She married into a dairy farm family. They have about 100 cows on 300 acres, which is the average size of a Wisconsin dairy. She first started her writing with facebook. She then jumped into twitter, because when they moved to the farm she had another business and wanted to be able to promote it through the twitter social media outlet. While on twitter she found a lot of other farmers. She saw it as a great resource for learning and was also new to the farm and dairy way of life. About that same time there was a group forming the Ag Chat Foundation. Carrie has been a part of it since it started. It is a place for farmers to tell their stories as well as a tool to teach people how to use social media tools to tell their own story. After the first ag chat is when she decided to launch her blog. After about two years once launching her blog she has had around two thousand views.

One of her first blogs was done over a hay drive she was trying to help get started to help get semi loads of hay south. They got hay and money donated and ended up shipping seven loads from all over the country to send south to states like Texas. They also got donations from bands such as Randy Rogers and Cross Canadian Ragweed. One of her next blogs that got a big hit was a letter that she wrote to Ryan Gosling about dehorning and PETA. She said polled was a great option, although the gene pool can be small and you don’t want cousin to cousin marriage. Her “snarky” side came out as she called it.

Another hit blog was that about Panera Bread and their marketing campaign about serving antibiotic free chicken. She is not for this nor how they displayed a pill shaped chicken named lazy. They used this form of advertisement to try and say that farmers who use antibiotics are lazy. Needless to say she wrote another snarky letter. About twenty minutes later her phone started ringing and her post was going viral. Forty eight hours later and Panera virally stated an apology for their ad as well as to her personally. She was amazed and never though that would happen.

Her latest blog has been about the North Dakota blizzard. The UK newspaper picked up that post and had about half a million views. Her blog also had over one thousand views. Carrie will tell you that she is not a polished writer and the blog turned into a thing all on its own. She says that it is neat and she likes it. She also has an advantage in understanding how “city” people think as she was once one herself. She says that they aren’t uneducated and do not need people to educate them. They do however need to hear our stories and let them speak for the industry.

When she focused on PR she said for it to be right you don’t want to send out a message that can be taken several different ways. You need to be able to control your messages. However, with social media it isn’t about controlling the message but about being a part of the conversation. It is a more relaxed area to talk and needs to be more human like, not too stuffy. Some of her final advice was to write from your heart and in your own style.

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Farm Life Blessings

As fall settles into Midwest Missouri many things come to an end as the warmer weather moves out. However, the farmer carries on with his and her duties. There are still chores to be done and plans for the coming winter to be made. Therefore, I find that this is a good time for me to reflect on some of the things I love most about life on the farm. Some of the top five things include the following:

Calving and kidding season: I love to see what several months of waiting has finally brought into the world. I thoroughly enjoy watching all the little ones run and play with each other. I also like to watch them grow and see how they turn out. There are always surprises in the way they can turn out/ look and so there is never a dull moment.


Hay season: This on may come as a shock since there is a lot of work and labor that goes into putting up hay, but you can’t beat the smell of fresh cut hay. Bucking bales (square bales) also helps keep a person in shape, so there is more than one benefit.

Nature: This one plays a big role in my life. I love to sit on the front porch and listen to the nature. You can hear the crickets, frogs, coyotes, owls, and many more. I also enjoy walking through the fields and woods and seeing the wildlife that it contains. I can stand in one spot for several moments at time just simply admiring them.

Summer: I love going to stock shows and farm shows. I greatly enjoy showing livestock as well observing. I like to keep up on what consumers in the livestock industry are currently looking for and the qualities that are want in their livestock. It is also interesting to follow the different blood lines. Another fun time is riding horses, fishing, and playing in the creeks and ponds.

Sunrises, sunsets, and stars: I like living in the country where you can look up at the sky at night and see the stars. I also like to see the sunrises and sunsets. There isn’t much to block out the beautiful colors. You can sun rise and fall over the land. It is a beautiful image like a painting across the sky.

These are just a few of the many blessings I have while living on a farm in the country. My heart feels at home and there is nowhere else I would rather be. It sure is a peaceful place and one that I hold most dear.

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2013 Ozarks Fall Farm Fest

The Ozarks Fall Farm Fest was held this past weekend on October 4-6, 2013. FarmFest is an annual event that is held at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds in Springfield, Missouri. This event offers a variety of farm related objects from livestock and trailers to tractors and balers. There are many outdoor and indoor exhibits there to view as well.

One of the main exhibits is the livestock that breeders bring in to be sold or are just on display to be used as advertisement. There were many livestock species there including horses, cattle, goats, sheep, rabbits, dogs, and swine. Another main focus point for many was the variety of tractors and farm equipment. There were many brands available to view from John Deere to Kubota. Along with this there were automatic waterers, tools, trucks, truck beds, trailers, chutes, gates and panels. Indoors there were also many venders that were advertising anything from animal health products, fencing products, western wear, feed, and much more. If it is related to agriculture more than likely it was there.

I personally had a booth set up trying to sell some goats, western tack, and swine feed additives. It was nice to meet with people and get to know other breeders in the industry. However, it was a cold two days there was a good turn out each day. If you have never been to FarmFest and are interested in agriculture I highly suggest you check it out next year. I enjoy going each year. It helps me keep up with the latest trends and find out what may be new in the agriculture sector. There is a great variety of agriculture items and it is a lot of fun to see.

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