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I have recently marked off one of my bucket list items. This past week I passed my hunters safety class and will be getting my card shortly. I know I’m a little older than most to get it, but age is not a factor when it comes to completing something you want. So this next month during deer season I hope to go hunting. Mixed emotions of both excitement and nervousness fill me inside when I think about it. However, I cannot wait to get my first deer. Some people may not fully understand the concept of why hunting takes place. Well besides it being an ancestral tradition, it also provides food and keeps the wildlife populations under control.

These days money runs tight. It may even be hard to buy groceries at some points. Hunting is a helpful alternative to help put food on the table for your family. This was the original purpose in hunting; however, today there is also the important factor has having population control. Like anything when a species grow with leaps and bounds they require more area and more food. With this they also tend to consume more of farmers crops. Having the right to hunt helps control the overpopulation issue and therefore allows the animals to life a more healthful life.

I do not necessarily look forward to finding a trophy buck, but more for the experience. Yes, it would be nice to have some bragging rights, but I really just want the experience and to live a small step in the life of my ancestors and how they lived off the land.

I am happy to have had the opportunity to take the class and pass. I enjoyed getting to learn about hunting and the safety points. I hope that others interested in hunting and conservation takes the class. It is a learning experience that I greatly appreciate. Pretty soon camo and hunter orange will be the colors of the season. This then makes the next item on my bucket list is to get a deer when the season does roll around.

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