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Burning an FFA Steer, Creating many a Tear

If you haven’t heard the story visit this link to hear what happened:

It brings tears to my eyes to see that animals are being burned for no reason, but to make some sort of a point of which I cannot make sense. It hurts to know that some kid worked hard with their animal so that they might have a chance to show and then someone has to go and burn it. It is not only that, but pure animal cruelty. Farmers and FFA and 4-H members typically take care of their animals to the point they are considered family. These kinds of people are consistently tending to their livestock and making sure that they are in the best health and environment every day. Many of these kids who have livestock projects, such as this steer, become not only a project but a friend. It hurts to know that a young steer had to suffer this kind of cruelty and pain. It also hurts to know that some kid now has to feel the hurt of not being able to work with their project and possibly not be able to show. I feel for the steer and the trauma he had to endure. There is going to be a long road to recovery.

I don’t believe that setting a steer on fire is a good way to release a message or get revenge. This kind of cruelty is just uncalled for. I have been in the livestock industry since a very young age and so I know how cut throat some people can get when it comes to show time. However, I never believed any of that or drama was worth it. Nobody is perfect we all make our mistakes. Although going about the show industry in a honest manner will get you further along than cheating. Harming someone or someone’s animal is always to an extreme that is simply not needed. There is no since to put anybody through that sort of pain and misery.

I pray that the FFA member and his steer have a safe recovery and they are able to look ahead at brighter things to come down the road.

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Agriculture Awareness on Missouri State University Campus

As part of a class project we were assigned to do an around two minute video about agriculture. This video is one that Mike Herbst and I created. We were located on the Missouri State University campus near the court yard. There are many things all around us every day that goes back to agriculture. In the video you can see just some of the things on the MSU campus that relates to agriculture like the trees, buildings, food at the food court and cafeteria, and even the wildlife. Agriculture is the backbone of our everyday life and it is a way of life we should all be interested in supporting. This industry supplies the lumber for your home, the food and beverages on your tables, and some agriculturalists have played a part in raising and breeding your family pet/livestock. Agriculture is also one of the oldest industries and continues to thrive as we all need it to survive. I am a big supporter of the agriculture industry and what it has to offer. I hope others will be too. I also hope if you do not fully understand the industry to look into the true facts behind the industry and operations before believing everything you hear.

“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.” – Thomas Jefferson

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