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Ozarks Farm and Neighbor utilizes Social Media

During last week’s PR in Ag class at Missouri State University, Lynzee Glass, the editor of Ozarks Farm and Neighbor, came to speak. She informed us about some of the social media techniques that Ozarks Farm and Neighbor. The Ozarks Farm and Neighbor is a livestock and farm oriented paper that has an estimated 58,000 readers. The papers are distributed throughout southwest Missouri, northwest Arkansas, and eastern Oklahoma. Some of the social media techniques they use include: Facebook, Twitter, and the Ozarks Farm and Neighbor website. They use these as a way to reach a younger audience as well as to keep their name out in front of the public and get instant feedback.

The steps towards these social media outlets took a while to get underway. The Ozarks Farm and Neighbor started with their website as they realized that many people today get on the internet to look at stories to find out more information over a variety of issues. Therefore, they put small snippets from their paper on their website to encourage readers to buy a subscription to their paper to be able to read the full story. They also have an online paper that their customers are able to access with a code on their paper or if new readers want to subscribe and read it online. In 2009 Ozarks Farm and Neighbor decided to join Facebook as there are a number of businesses that receive recognition through this social media outlet. It has been slow to get followers due to not being updated as much as it should have been when they first started it, but since then they have been posting more regularly. This too can contain snippets from their paper so that people might be intrigued by a story and want to go read the rest in the paper whether. This has also allowed them to gain more followers. Then in summer of 2013 they joined Twitter. Twitter was a great way for Ozarks Farm and Neighbor to be seen as well as be able to connect with other organizations. Many times the paper helps promote some organizations, for example breed associations, through their stories. Therefore, Twitter allows them the opportunity to be able to connect with the organizations so that they can see some of their work.

Social Media has changed their business by allowing them to connect to a younger audience since many of their paper readers range from the age of 35 to 64. It also allows them to stay out in front of the audience more and be seen more often. It has not changed their business too much as a majority of their readers still receive and read the actual paper, but it has helped them branch out. It has changed the way they share information as they can post some things on the social media sites that they may not put in their paper. Being online also allows them to get more timely feedback of any changes or additions that some people may want to see in the paper. It also helps the Ozarks Farm and Neighbor get news out more effectively as it can be posted about as the event is taking place rather than waiting three weeks to read about it. Overall it has helped draw in a younger crowd and gives them another outlet to get word about their paper to the general public.

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Agriculture Awareness on Missouri State University Campus

As part of a class project we were assigned to do an around two minute video about agriculture. This video is one that Mike Herbst and I created. We were located on the Missouri State University campus near the court yard. There are many things all around us every day that goes back to agriculture. In the video you can see just some of the things on the MSU campus that relates to agriculture like the trees, buildings, food at the food court and cafeteria, and even the wildlife. Agriculture is the backbone of our everyday life and it is a way of life we should all be interested in supporting. This industry supplies the lumber for your home, the food and beverages on your tables, and some agriculturalists have played a part in raising and breeding your family pet/livestock. Agriculture is also one of the oldest industries and continues to thrive as we all need it to survive. I am a big supporter of the agriculture industry and what it has to offer. I hope others will be too. I also hope if you do not fully understand the industry to look into the true facts behind the industry and operations before believing everything you hear.

“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.” – Thomas Jefferson

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A Country Girl’s Passion

I have an extreme passion for livestock and the country way of life. Kickin’ it in the sticks is what I enjoy the most. It is off the beaten path down an old dirt road where I enjoy life. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city streets. It is here that I enjoy working on the farm and watching wildlife. I enjoy seeing the stars above me at night and my sky line contains nothing trees and pastures. Don’t get me wrong, it is not an easy life but it is my life that I love. I enjoy waking up in the morning and watching the sun creep up over the pastures and hay fields and going out to feed and check on the livestock. I like to keep busy and work hard and after a hard day’s work sit and enjoy the peace and serenity found in the country.

Livestock has also always held a special place in my heart from the moment I was born. I enjoy working with them and creating that unbreakable bond and loyalty for one another. I was showing horses by the time I was two. I was never afraid of the massive amount of animal underneath me, because we had that bond and trusted each other. This is the same for when I got into the goats. You learn the animals’ individual personality. I enjoy watching the young livestock grow and eventually prove their full potential. It is one of the most exciting things. It is this kind of passion I have for livestock.

Since I was two I have greatly enjoyed showing livestock at the local to national shows. It is not about the ribbons or the awards to me, it is more about the experience and lessons learned from them. Growing up with livestock I have learned many qualities that can help in any position in life. Livestock can really teach you a lot about life and yourself if you slow down enough to stop and realize it. I have done well in the show ring, but it is the outside work that has taught me the most and the contacts that I have had to opportunity of making.

For those of you that may not understand where I am coming from I encourage you to take a drive to the country. I hope you find the peace that I find while there. There is nothing that can replace the quiet of country field or riding a horse across the land. This is where my heart is.

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A Little Bit About Me

Hi my name is Dakota Arthur and this is my blog. I grew up on a farm around Salem, Missouri. My family and I raised Quarter and Appaloosa horses as well as commercial cattle. Since we were in the horse industry I began showing horses when I was two years old. I had shown horses for twelve years and was also intensively involved in my local 4-H club. Some changes in life then brought me to where I am now in Greenfield, Missouri. Since the move I became involved in the Boer goat industry. I began showing the market wethers in 2004 ending that year with the Missouri State Fair Grand Champion Meat Goat and was the first goat to sell in the Sale of Champions. After that year I slowly ended showing horses, however, I still enjoy riding when I get the time and am looking into team sorting. This soon led me to get more involved in the livestock industry. I began raising and showing my own Boer goats and have done extremely well. I have even placed at the American Boer Goat Association national level. I lambs for one year and had a lot of fun with them and then in 2009 I began showing market hogs. I have had very good luck with them. In 2010 and 2011 I received Grand Champion Market Hog at the Ozark Empire Fair. Also in 2011 I received Reserve Grand Champion FFA Market Barrow at the Missouri State Fair. In 2012 I also began showing registered Angus and Simmental Cattle. I had two Angus heifers and a percentage Simmental bull and received a few division wins with them as well. That is just a small list of my accomplishments, but what I enjoy most is working with them and creating that bond with the livestock that is virtually indescribable.

I am beyond blessed to have the show career that I have had. I was involved in 4-H for 13 years and FFA for 7 years and contain an extreme passion for the livestock industry. I have started to sell out of the goats, however, I continue raising Angus cattle and hope to gradually be able to increase my herd. I have recently just ended my youth showing career, but I hope to help other young exhibitors and breeders in their journey. My twin sister and I also own C-D Ranch where we run registered Boer goats and Angus cattle.

I am currently a senior at Missouri State University in the School of Agriculture. I will be graduating in December with a Bachelors of Science in Animal Science and Agriculture Business. Once I graduate I plan on furthering my education by attending grad school. Some of my life goals include owning a farm where I can eventually raise a family and obtaining a job that I can go to work and enjoy every day.

The object of this blog is to cover topics such as agricultural issues, trends, and/or opinions, social media news, reviews, opinions, and/or trends, my life, thoughts on topics that are discussed in my Public Relations in Ag class or any responses to guest speakers that we may have in class, as well as current trends in public relations.

I hope you enjoy and happy reading!

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